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Kurt Warner understands the power of second chances. The once grocery store clerk turned Super Bowl MVP is now the host of ‘The Moment,’ an new inspirational reality TV series airing on the USA Network. The newly developed series, follows its partici pants as they are given a second chance to pursue their dream jobs. In a recent inter view Kurt talks about the new show, the power of the second chance, and creating ‘The Moment’ for others in everyday life.


What makes ‘The Moment’ special/different?

The Moment is a rare find in the world of reality television. It is an inspirational series that will appeal to audiences of all ages and provide great fodder for discussion about second chances. Viewers will root for these individuals and will be left with a renewed energy to rediscover their own passions and dreams. They will also discover that obtaining your dream often times leads to a difficult crossroads as they watch these individuals face the choice between a second chance at the dream in front of them and the life they have been living until now.


How does the participant get the opportunity?

A family member or friend is behind the nomination of the individual who we meet in each episode. This person’s dream was sidelined by another priority in life (illness, financial, familial) and we surprised them with a second chance to rediscover it. The new opportunity includes a two-week intense training from a world-class mentor in preparation for an audition for their career – perhaps the most important job interview of their lives.


Why did you choose to host this particular series?

This was largely personal for me and it was two-fold. My wife Brenda, ended her career as a Marine after our son had a brain injury and her priorities shifted to taking care of him. She had to step away from a dream job that she loved and never got another chance at it. I was fortunate to rediscover my dream when I got a second chance at playing in the NFL. Because of our personal experiences I know first-hand what sacrifice is like and I also know the incredible feeling of getting a second chance, so I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the experience in others people’s lives. I also hope the series encourages viewers to pursue their dreams.

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Your faith is very important to you. How has it helped you through 
the ‘moments’ in your life?

There was a time, I think it’s pretty well known, when I thought my dreams of being an NFL quarterback were over. I was working in a grocery store, bagging groceries. It was these lean times that set me on the road to getting more serious about my faith. One of my favorite verses is Hebrews 13:5, where God promises, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” I have found that to be true no matter what trial I’ve faced, personal, or professional. I’ve pressed into Him in times of doubt, defeat, fear, injury, you name it – and He has fulfilled that promise again and again. Back when I was playing in the Arena League, I started to really pursue a closer relationship with Jesus as my life goal, not a job as an NFL quarterback. It’s like the Bible says: “Seek first my kingdom and righteousness,
and all this will be given to you.” And, I was blessed by that. For me, all this, included that dream opportunity to play in the NFL.


How have you personally helped ‘make the moment’ for others?

The most important things my wife Brenda and I do is our First Things First Foundation. Our goal with that charity is to help others in a variety of ways: from things as simple as coat drives and Christmas campaigns to a monthly mentoring program with high school students we call Arete – the Greek word for excellence. Brenda and I have been very blessed, and we try to give back in many ways through our First Things First Foundation. One of those outreach efforts is “Mission: Possible,” which affords junior high, high school and college age kids the ability to go on service-based missions trips all across the U.S.

Perhaps nothing Brenda and I do through our First Things First Foundation is nearer and dearer to our hearts than Treasure House, a Christian-based assisted-living community for young adults with developmental disabilities. We do it in honor of our son Zack and all he has accomplished in his life despite the diagnoses and labels given to him.


Can you tell us about the participants?

The participants range in age, background and current careers status. Their stories reflect all different walks of life and are very inspiring, compelling, emotional and triumphant.

One woman always dreamed of being a professional Sports Photographer, but played it safe as an Office Administrator after closing her own photography business due to a divorce. Another participant started on the path of becoming a Football Coach but he sacrificed a promising career to support his widowed mother. A successful Race Car Driver was forced abandon his career and work as an Auto Sales Trainer to pay his debts when his Sponsor stuck him with their racing expenses.


Tell us about the mentors?

We worked with several mentors who are highly regarded and considered experts in their field: A former White House Chef who served under Presidents Clinton and Bush for 11 years; A highly sought after Choreographer in the entertainment industry who has worked with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan; a distinguished Orchestra Conductor who has worked with the Houston Symphony and Los Angeles Philharmonic; and one of the most accomplished football Coaches in the NFL.


Why will viewers enjoy watching The Moment?

Everyone deserves a second chance, but we don’t often get one in life. Viewers will come away feeling more positive and hopeful about the world they live in. Perhaps watching others dreams come true will inspire us all to reinvent and transform our own lives. For some, the dream is exactly what they wanted. For others, the life they are living was the dream all along. The choice will not be easy, it is difficult to walk away from a dream. Viewers will watch these individuals grapple to decide if they want to continue to pursue their second chance, or if living their dream for just a moment is enough. The choice between one or the other is a relatable metaphor for what we all want out of life.

JC Manigault

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