Next: Andy Mineo Debunks the Hype of Hero Worship

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In his debut album release, Heroes For Sale, rapper Andy Mineo unabashedly
delivers the gospel through hip-hop. An art form typically reserved to glorify the
“greatness” and allure of man. In the new album, the 25-year-old tears down
the “heroes” we so easily elevate in our own lives. “Heroes can be people, things,
status or even oneself” he explains, while pointing listeners to Jesus Christ as
THE one and true hero, of whom Mineo simply states – “I don’t gotta be great
because my God is.”


So how does a 25-year old, single, successful, Christian rapper stay grounded and committed to his faith? “It creates a unique dynamic” says Mineo, “While I know what my flesh wants, I know what God desires for me, I know the calling that I have on my life, [and] the responsibility to steward it.” Throughout the album Mineo speaks openly about overcoming his weaknesses and frailties. He hopes that his music will provide listeners with a new perspective on faith, life and the pitfalls of perfection – or at least the perception thereof.

Kawanzaa king





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