Pokémon Go: A Cautionary Review

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Pokémon Go, a new and well received addition to Nintendo’s signature franchise has captivated the hearts of Pokémon fans old and new. The iconic phrase from the Pokémon anime “Gotta catch em’ all,” takes on new meaning thanks to Nintendo’s partnership with Niantic, (known for the augmented reality mobile game Ingress) and Nintendo’s history of handheld devices and other major console releases, making Pokémon Go a complete breakthrough!


So what’s Pokémon Go all about? Well, after giving the app a test drive, it’s abundantly clear its developers wanted to give players a full scale simulation of what it’s like to venture out into the world of Pokémon. When booting up the game for the first time, I was surprised to find my neighborhood entirely mapped out! When playing, little Pokémonsters are rendered onto whatever map you occupy, and If you’re close enough, tapping the pop-up Pokémon is all it takes to get started!


While finding rare Pokémons are mostly up to chance, there are certainly ways of luring the more exciting critters. As a smart Pokemon catcher, you need only stand nearby one of many landmarks (i.e. Local museums, churches, park entrances, etc.) with a special item called the lure module, and wait for about 30 minutes as they will come to you.


That being said, everyone with the same map coordinates  will be notified of the sighting. But if it happens to be  2:00 am and you have wondered off into an isolated part of town, beware, as there have  been [already] reported cases of people lured to their own robbing. So in light of the excitement surrounding what is clearly nothing short of a cultural phenomena, here at Lingk2us we have a word of wisdom you may want to abide by, and relay to friends: “Pokémon Go is tons of fun, only in open spaces under the sun.”

2 thoughts

    1. It’s crazy and something new, since games are kind of outliving their capabilities in our homes. I’m afraid that integrating into other aspects of our lives may be the next step for them!


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