Film Review: ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’



Some of life’s most beautiful miracles are oftentimes forged in hardship. And never has the premise held more true than in ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin,’ a new biopic brilliantly directed by Simon Curtis.

The inspirational drama, delves into the lives of the Milne family. Domhnall Gleeson in the role of A. A. Milne, is an author and WWI veteran suffering from PTSD. To no avail, he tries to navigate the horrors and hardship of his condition. Margot Robbie in the role of Daphne his wife, wishes he would simply ‘think good thoughts,’ to wish it all away. But Milne, continues to be tormented as he tries to lead a normal life. As a last ditch effort, A. A. Milne decides to move the family to the English country side. He hopes the solace of the new environment, will help him find the peace he so desires, and get his writing career back on track.


But its not until he finds himself as his young son’s only caregiver (beautifully played by Will Tilston), that he stumbles upon through play and imagination into the power of healing. As he creates a story for his son based on the child’s beloved toy bear, the adventures of Winnie the Poo’ come to life. While much of the film focuses on the challenges and perils of the global success of the beloved book series, (mainly suffered by young Christopher Robin), it is the life lessons on healing and forgiveness that take center stage. Though not as upbeat as the beloved children’s books we’ve all come to love and share, ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ makes for a compelling back story about the power of imagination and the healing power of hope.


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