Film Review: ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’ A Perfect Backstory Sure to Become an Instant Classic’

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It’s Victorian London 1843. And several years after a successful US book tour, the famed Charles Dickens hits a literary slump. With mounting bills and expanding family (his wife is now preggo with their fifth child), he takes a high interest loan, and sets out to pen and self-publish a Christmas story, in a high-paced and excruciating six weeks at a time when the idea of Christmas lagged in popularity.

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Directed by Bharat Nalluri, ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas,’ takes audiences on a hilarious yet imaginative personal journey as a young Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens, Downtown Abby), embarks on the creative process, stumbling upon beloved characters closely inspired from his everyday life, such as Ebenezer Scrooge (brilliantly played by Christopher Plummer), Jacob Marley (Jacob Sumpter) and Jonathan Pryce in the role of John Dickens.

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While hilarity exudes as dear old Mr. Scrooge devilishly taunts the frazzled author and many of the film’s ghost-like characters follow Dickens around town as he fleshes out the story’s narrative. It is the look into Dicken’s childhood, and time at the squalid factory in repayment for his father’s financial indiscretions, that lends an insightful look into the story. The Man Who Invented Christmas is a delightful interpretation of how the ‘Christmas Carol’ came to be. A must-see prequel to a beloved classic sure to become a family favorite.



The Man who Invented Christmas: A special behind the scenes featurette

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