FILM REVIEW: ‘Forever My Girl’ Home is Where The Heart is

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Small town boy turned country music superstar Liam Page (British born Alex Roe, The  5th Wave) left his high-school sweetheart Josie (Jessica Rothe, La La Land) at the altar, choosing a life of fame instead. When Liam unexpectedly returns home, 8 years later, after the sudden death of his high school friend – he is faced with the consequences of all that he left behind – including a 7 year old daughter (Abby Ryder Fortson, Ant-Man).
As he tries to rebuild and build his relationships with Josie, his father, and a daughter he never knew – Liam is confronted with lessons on forgiveness, love, family and second chances.

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Producer Mickey Liddell (Jackie, The Gray, Risen, Anthropoid) teamed up with writer-director Bethany Ashton Wolf (Love Scene, Midnight Juliet) to explore the complexities of reconnecting with your first love. Inspired by author Heidi McLaughlin’s novel of the same name, Forever My Girl, reveals what happens when first love reconnects, rebuilds, and reclaims everything that was loved and lost. This is a heartwarming film that takes on the idea that people deserve second chances, even when there is heartbreak.

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Faced with writers-block, loneliness and a life a bit out of control; Liam is struggling –and seems to have never fully moved on from Josie. Soon, he finds himself face to face with not only his first love; but his father and the small ‘family-like’ community that also felt his desertion. In the end, there is love, forgiveness, and good old country music (original lyrics by Jackson Odell and Brett Boyett). The film also features an appearance by country music star Travis Tritt, making it a great family film with a lot of heart and a soundtrack to match.

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‘Forever My Girl’ offers something for everyone, an reminds us of the irreplaceable beauty of first love . . . Even if we fall for a dozen others, our first love will always be the one we remember.


Forever My Girl opens January 19.


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