Leadership — Everyman’s call? Adam Carroll debunks the myth.

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When I began discussing marriage with my then girlfriend (who is now my
wife) we were hesitant.  Not because we doubted our love for each other,
but because we doubted whether or not we would ever be able to financially
support a family.  My Grandfather gave us some extremely wise advice.
He said, “Son, if you wait until you have enough money to get married you
will *never* get married”.  That same Grandfatherly wisdom applies not
only to marriage, but also to the realm of leadership.  Let me explain.

I meet a lot of people, especially those in the 25-30 age range, who are
eager to lead – but awaiting that elusive position of leader to become
available.  Problem is, if we wait until we have the title or position of
“leader” we will never actually lead.  In fact, I would argue that all of us
already are leaders.  Leadership is basically the ability to influence people,
right?  And we all have some degree of influence, right?  So we are all
leaders, because we all have the ability to influence.  The question is not
whether or not we are leaders.  The question is whether or not we will
embrace the mantel of influence.

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In order to move from merely having the ability to lead to the place of
actually leading people and creating change, you need to find your cause.
There is no shortage of great causes in our world today.  In fact, the exact
opposite is true, which is why the world needs you to stop waiting and
start leading.  There are more causes than there are people willing to step
out and start leading change in those situations.  Because there is a bounty
of worthy causes, it can seem very difficult to determine which cause you
should make your own, when in all reality it should be quite simple.

What is the one thing in this world that when it is right gives you the
greatest joy and when it is wrong causes the most frustration within you?
That thing, the one that you are most passionate about, that is the cause
that we need you to take up and lead us in.

For me, it’s family.  When I see families fall apart – my heart breaks, and
when I see families thrive –my heart leaps for joy.  Seeing families thrive
is the driving force behind all the other work I do.  Whenever I speak,
write, or even read a book I ask myself how it can apply to families.
This is how I know family is my cause; it is what burns the brightest
inside of me.

That is my cause, what’s yours?  Your cause may also be family, or it
may be something else entirely.  Either way, if you wait until you have
a title or position to start leading, you never will.  The world needs you
to start leading, now.

Adam Carroll

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