A Special Q&A With Grammy-Nominated Gospel Artist Travis Greene


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Following the chart-topping success of “Made A Way,” Billboard and Stellar Award-winning artist Travis Greene returns with “Crossover: Live From Music City,” his latest album release garnering yet a third Grammy Nomination. We recently caught up with the Husband, father, Pastor, and gospel superstar to talk about his unlikely journey, a new U.S tour and important lessons learned on the road to success.

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For those not yet familiar with your music and ministry, who is Travis Green?

Music is all I ever wanted to do. I had a love and passion for it at a very young age. I was awestruck by musicians and anyone with musical talent growing up. My earliest memory would be attending a John Pee Kee concert when I was 12. He called me on stage and gave me a microphone to sing alongside him his song “Show Up”. That was about 21 years ago. Since then God has continued to bless and I am now a husband to the beautiful and amazing Dr. Jackie Greene, father to my two boys and the Pastor of my favorite church on the planet Forward City Church.

What major life events shaped you into who you are today?

When I was four years old I fell four stories out of a window. After the doctors pronounced me dead on the spot and covered my lifeless body with a white sheet my mother ran to me and called on the name Jesus. The first two times nothing happened so the third time she screamed the blood of Jesus and a miracle took place. I regained consciousness and was immediately rushed to the hospital. After staying there for a few days the doctors released me. I told my mother I remember falling from the window, but I never hit the ground. A man with a big hand caught me. He asked me if I wanted to stay with him or if I wanted to go back with my mother. I was just a child so I said I wanted my mom. He said this time you can go with her next time you’ll come with me. I said excuse me, sir, what is your name. He didn’t say his name was Buddha or Mohammad but He said my name is Jesus.

Could you share with us the inspiration and the meaning behind “Crossover” your latest album?

Crossover is an album that encourages us all to leave what was and embrace what God has waiting. It’s designed to encourage people to move forward into the call that God has on their lives. Taking the crossover.

How did the last 10 years prepare you for this time in your life? What did you learn from your past experiences?

God equipped me for this time by developing my character and expanding my heart. Seeing the world has opened my eyes to different needs in culture which birth the movement #EngageCulture. I’ve learned there are really only three response we have to culture. We can complain, which a lot of people do, we can conform or we can confront it. #EngageCulture is about being the change we want to see.

You are a husband, father, pastor, and now a touring recording artist. How do you balance it all?

My wife and I tell people all the time it’s not balance but rhythm. We will a life of controlled chaos and it works because the call is not only on my life, but it’s a family call.

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What inspires you?

That’s simple. Life inspires me. Nature inspires me. Love is a major inspiration and I am always inspired by God’s word the Bible.

Who are your musical mentors? And why?

Isreal Houghton, John P Kee, Kirk Franklin, William McDowell. They have all been able to spark change in music in their own ways and all of their music has been very influential in my musical development.

You are now a 3 time Grammy nominated artist. What has been most surprising about the newfound fame?

Honestly, people singing the music. It never gets old. Every time I’ve been fortunate enough to get nominated is breathtaking. It’s something you don’t get used to. I’m very honored to be highlighted by so many people.

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Please tell us about the engage culture movement? What is it all about? Why is it important?

Culture is everything. It’s the foods we eat, the music we listen to, the cars we drive and it’s never going away. Which is why it’s so important for us to be the change we want to see.

The video presentation for “Made a Way” is filled with footage of some of the toughest cultural moments of 2017, here and abroad. As a minister of the gospel and cultural influencer, what do you feel is your moral responsibility toward your generation?

My moral responsibility is to live a life of integrity. I have a responsibility to practice what I preach and remain honest but above all my responsibility is to point people to Christ.

As part of the new-guard of Gospel artist shaping gospel music, what do you hope to bring to a new generation of worshipers and listeners?

I want to bring authenticity, passion, and excellence.

Tell us about “Intentional,” what does this track mean to you on a personal level?

Intentional is my life’s anthem. No matter what I face or how bad I think something is, God is working it for my good. One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 8:28 All things work together for the good of them that love God are called according to his purpose.

Tell us about the tour. What can folks expect?

Expect a complete cultural experience accompanied by music that engages culture and encourages us all to crossover from what was to what God has waiting for us. The goal is to reach new audiences beyond the confines of the church with state of the art production and creativity while still maintaining the true message of the Gospel.

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Please tell us about “Forward City,” how did it get started and its reach.

To sum it all up God is how the church was started. Forward City is a wonderful church and I absolutely hate it if I have to miss a Sunday. Our mantra is the past is behind, the future is bright, move FORWARD.

What do you do for fun?

I’m a simple guy. I like to hang out with my friends and family at the house and play the Xbox.

If you could share with our readers one thing you learned on your way to success, what would that be?

I’d like to share with the readers some wisdom I’ve acquired over the years. If you are in pursuit of a music career or any career – if success if on your radar – make it about Jesus, everything else is a facade and the only truth is found in who He is because He is the way to truth and to life. That would be my words of encouragement. He’s the only thing that can sustain and satisfy.

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