Film Review: ‘Dog Days’ – A Fun Time at The Movies for All.

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In the newly released romantic comedy ‘Dog Days,’ Director Ken Marino, walks the fine line between your-run-of-the-mill storyline about humans and their pets, and compelling storytelling that warms the heart. To our pleasant surprise, the film adheres to the latter.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 2.28.43 PM

As it undertakes five simultaneous storylines, the film delves into various spaces the beloved pooches occupy. From the self-centered single brother who is naturally transformed over an extended dog-sitting stint for his sister who goes into labor with twins – to the single host of a local morning show who after a painful breakup deflects her feelings of rejection on Sam, her adorable mutt. Or a couple of new parents, who finally connect with their newly adopted daughter when by happenstance she comes across the adorable Mabel, a pug who lost her way home – Dog Days serves a healthy dose of levity for all audiences.

Is it hokey? Yes.

Does it exploit every possible cliche’? Yes.

But here’s the truth: this feel-good-warm-hearted fun formula is the Summer’s best bet for kids and adults at the movies, and could possibly single-handedly, help skyrocket dog adoptions in the weeks to come – and that’s a good thing – for dogs and dog lovers alike.

Cast: Nina Dobrev. as Elizabeth. Vanessa Hudgens. as Tara. Adam Pally. as Dax. Eva Longoria. as Grace. Finn Wolfhard. as Tyler. Thomas Lennon. as Greg. Rob Corddry. Tone Bell.

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