Wellness: When Diet and Exercise Just won’t work. Dr. Ross Examines the Missing Link.

If you exercise like crazy and eat well, yet don’t see any immediate changes to your waistline, it could be a sign of a more systematic cause. Dr. Marsie Ross explains.

For most women trying to balance life, fitness and good health— experiencing some level of frustration is a common part of the experience. Trust me, as a once, carrying card member of the overwhelmed-wife-and-mom-trying-to-be perfect-manage-everything-not asking-for help-suffering-in-silence-group, I know firsthand the struggle is real! And while as a healthcare professional of 20 years I understand that the physiology of the body changes over time, and even more so after childbirth and beyond your 40’s— I also understand what it’s like to clock countless hours of heart-pumping cardio on top of endless smoothie challenges and still not see the results you so desperately want. Unfortunately, many women throw in the towel because of sheer exhaustion from never seeing the return on their investment. I would dare guess this is one of the causes of the rising obesity statistics for women. We just get tired of fighting the good fight!

While most of us understand that it’s critical to feeding the body the nutrients it needs to thrive, most of us fail to realize that beyond a certain point, our bodies will not continue to naturally generate the vitamins and minerals required to maintain life. Somewhere at the offset of Perimenopause, the same body that earlier stored essential ingredients in our bones and organs begins to find itself depleted of nutrients, leaving areas such as hormonal balance, emotional stability, and mental focus unprotected. Data shows that the human body needs over 40 nutrients a day in order for our minds and bodies to function optimally. Which begs the burning question, are you getting your “40 a day”?

Unfortunately, the constant stress on our agricultural system has certainly caught up with us in the quality of foods available. Fruits and vegetables are often prematurely plucked and picked and then forced to continue to grow in artificial gardens and warehouses. This is all done so the land can be used to grow another batch of the crop, to increase profits and meet the demand of our ever-growing population.

So where does this leave you on your journey to take your health and happiness to the next level? Well, I’m glad you asked!

The key is simple but often overlooked. Nutrition and fitness are only two pieces to the wellness puzzle, but there are actually three pieces you need in order to set yourself up for success. Daily dietary supplements are important to add to the regimen because it is this trifecta that can bring you to balance, strength and longevity, allowing you to live the life you’ve always hoped for. Dietary supplements offer our bodies an opportunity to receive the nutrients that may be missing from our diets. And since as we get older our bodies don’t make these vitamins and minerals naturally, if we don’t get them from our diets, then dietary supplements become the missing piece for many of us. When you make nutrition, fitness and supplements part of your healthy lifestyle you may find the winning formula to help you lose weight, increase energy and improve gut health.

Here’s my case in point, think about a water challenge. If you fed your body enough water, let’s say 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water (per day), doing that says to your body, I don’t need to hold on to water, #bloating, #dryskin. Because if not properly hydrated, your body will pull the water from your skin to feed it to your organs for survival. If you feed your body the proper ingredients then your body can release things. If you drink enough water then it softens your stool inside your intestines and you can pass your bowels better—that’s again a way to release waste but also a way to release weight. And so food works the same way. When you are eating properly then your body says ok, I now have enough vitamin A from these carrots, she is giving me fruits and vegetables—so now I can release what I’ve been storing—and I don’t have to hold on to these nutrients because she is starving me. When we think about having sufficient nutrients and about exercise to keep your heart healthy and the blood flowing so that your body can do naturally what it has to do— it allows all that visceral fat around your organs to begin to release itself. And so in that way nutrition, supplements and exercise can work together to help you lose the weight.

Here are some questions to consider when adding dietary supplements to your daily lifestyle:

•     Do they contain all of the vitamins and minerals my body needs to thrive?

•     Are they free from artificial dyes?

•     How can I make this a part of my daily regimen?

•     Does the company use “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP) to ensure quality?

If you want the best results that not only help you live healthy on the inside but keeps you looking fabulous on the outside, then remember this simple mantra: “Nutrition, fitness, and supplements lead to balance, strength and longer life.”

Dr. Marsie Ross is on a mission to build an army of self-care crusaders who embrace self-care without guilt or apology! To learn more about her work and product line visit http://www.edlynessentials.com

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